We can print your current product, create a new product or invent a new look for you!

For more information call

563.383.2415 or 563.383.2490

We are your full-service printer

We provide the best customer service...

One phone call to our customer service staff is all it takes to get your print order underway. As one of our valued customers, you have the full range of the business resources of Lee Enterprises available to you. As the flagship of Lee, the professionals at Quad-City Times Trico Communications are ready to assist you with everything from creating a complete campaign to graphic design to technical support and training. We will provide customer references on request.

We provide the best prepress capabilities...

  • We use industry standard QuarkXpress and Adobe CS2
  • We can provide studio photography
  • We can train your staff in Photoshop and QuarkXpress

We provide the best printing capabilities...

  • Goss Colorliner, 26 printing couples
  • Goss Community, 18 units consisting of four 4-highs, one 2-high and two SSC folders
  • Heidelberg 2299 inserter
  • Harris 1372 inserter
  • Muller 6 pocket inserter
  • Muller 3 pocket stitch and trimmer
  • Videojet Mailer
  • Stock Inventory
  • Variable web widths 25, 27, 30, 34
  • 30 lb. newsprint
  • 40 lb. 80 briteness
  • 50 lb. offset

We provide the best postpress capabilities...

  • Stitch and trim
  • Quarterfolding
  • Inserting
  • Labeling
  • Mailing
  • Delivery

Our Standard products

  • Annual Reports
  • Alternative Publications
  • Automotive Booklets
  • College/High School Newspapers
  • College Schedules
  • Customized Publications
  • Grocery Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Real Estate Booklets
  • Single Sheet Inserts
  • Sports Programs
  • TV Booklets
  • Weekly Newspapers
  • YMCA & Park and Rec Books

Technical Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Electronic Data


  • PC platform
  • Macintosh platform
  • Zip Drive 100 MB, 250 MB
  • CDs
  • DVDs


  • QuarkXpress 6.5
  • Adobe CS2 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat)

Output Capabilities

  • Portrait or landscape
  • Laser Paper
    8 1/2 x 11, 11 x 17
    HP Laser Jet - black and white proof or Xerox Docu 12 color proof
  • Variable line screen and resolution values available

Preferred Formats

  • Acrobat PDF files with embedded postscript fonts
    - Before the distilling process, make sure that the original document colors are edited to CMYK
    - Please distill color documents as a composite file rather than separations
    - We do not change or manipulate PDF files!
  • Quark document for output. Please include all images, artwork and fonts used within the Quark document. This should include the output files created using Pagemaker, Illustrator, etc. saved as an EPS image to be imported into a Quark document using Adobe Fonts.
  • Illustrator EPS files with linked artfiles and fonts.
  • Photoshop files saved in an EPS or TIFF format and fonts.
    Note: We are unable to read files created in Microsoft Word, Publisher or Corel Draw unless they are saved in the text format and we reformat.

Design Guidelines


  • For black and white and grayscale ads, blacks should be 100% black and not registration black.
  • Edit ALL colors for CMYK output, change Duotone, RGB and Pantones to CMYK. This includes the Quark document, all Illustrator artwork and all photos need to be converted to CMYK.
  • For commercial service bureau output, please order Pantone colors in advance.
  • We show an average dot gain of 20% and colors should be prepared accordingly.


  • We are licensed for the Adobe Postscript Type Library for PC and Mac.
  • We are unable to image non-Adobe fonts or TrueType fonts.
  • This includes fonts used in documents and EPS images.
  • If sending native document, include both screen and printer fonts as well as Suitcase and Postscript fonts. (Fonts must also be included for any EPS image that was created using specific fonts. The omission of these fonts will cause outputting problems.)


  • We suggest 85 line screen at 170 dpi and we output at 1016 dpi
  • For grayscale and CMYK EPS images, use elliptical dot, 85 line screen, highpoint 4%, blackest area 74%.
  • Scan artwork at double the output screen. For example, for 85 line screen output, the scan resolution should be 170 line screen.
    Note: EPS images should be saved with same line screen setting as the desired line screen used for output.
  • Please size and crop image correctly for the size it will be used at the correct DPI.
  • Photos or artwork downloaded from internet files at 72 DPI do not print well!

Electronic Transmission

Electronic transmission available via email or FTP site. For information on how to send us an electronic submission, please contact your full-service commercial print team:

  • Bette Kindelsperger 563.383.2382
  • Denise Henderkott 563.383.2389
  • Valerie Widmeyer 563.333.2679
  • Denise York 563.383.2490
  • Dolores Cook 563.383.2415